Prices will depend on your needs and your situation.   For example, people who needs to lose 50, 70 or 100 pounds or more are different than those who need 15, 20 or 25 pounds or less.        

 Also, men are different than women; old people are different than children; patients with high blood pressure, cholesterol, Diabetics and so on are also different.          

While talking with one of our professional doctors, the doctor will be able to know your needs and tell you how much exactly will cost according to your situation.  

 Please call us at: 1866 299 2649 for more details.      

   Methods of Payments   

  1. Visa – MC – American Express – Discover : debit or credit 
  2.  Certified cheques 
  3. Money orders: US postal money order – Canada post money order – other kinds of regular money orders 
  4. TD bank direct transfer for Canadian residents.